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The Importance of Regular Walks

Photo of Adam walking our four dogs.

The walk is an extremely important activity for dogs that many people tend to over look. A lot of owners that I've come in contact with think it is enough for their dogs to just run around in their fenced in yard or backyard when in truth it isn't. A fenced in yard is the same as being in a giant kennel. The dog gets little healthy exercise and a lot of anxiety and stress. People fail to realize that dogs (no matter the size) are working, thinking animals that live to explore and see the world. To a dog, a walk is just like a "hunt". A "hunt", which wasn't just a means for a wolf or wild dog to get food. It gave them a purpose and was something to do that helped their mental state-of-mind as well as their stomachs. A dog’s purpose should not be to just sit, stare, bark, or attack the fence as people and/or other dogs walk by.

Regular walks can help keep your beloved pet in shape, lengthen and improve the quality of their life, and result in a better and happier state-of-mind. If you don’t have time to provide your dog with regular walks, give me a call. I’ll do my best to assist you. Photo of Adam walking our four dogs.